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upcoming exhibitions

To present what has already past
Solo exhibition
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI, USA
May 18 to 22, 2015

European Glass Experience
Museo del Vetro
Murano, Venice, Italy
Spring, 2015

The Soul and The Pawnshop
Sediment Arts
Richmond, Virginia, USA
March 6 to 14
, 2015 www.sedimentarts.org

DG15 - Danish Glass 2015
Glasmuseet Ebeltoft
Ebeltoft, Denmark
March 28 to Sept 27, 2015

The international Glass Prize 2015
Glass Museum Glazenhuis
Lommel, Belgium
April to Oct, 2015



Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison
in the Art Department Glass Lab Spring 2015, Wisconsin, USA

Visiting Artist at Southern Illinois University
School of Art and Design
Feb 16-18, 2015, Carbondale, IL, USA

Instructor at Urban Glass
June 1-5, 2015, Brooklyn, NYC, USA

Danish Glass 2015
jury for the exhibition of Danish Glass anno 2015 at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft together with Tobias Møhl, Dan Mølgaard and Jutta-Annette Page